About AtDAC

Welcome to AtDAC: Disability Arts Cymru’s home online…

We are a bunch of hard-working, dedicated disabled people (with the odd exception) who all love art in its many diverse form;  painting, sculpture, drawing, music, dance, film, drama, writing, performance art, photography – all of it.

Our experience of being people living in a disabling world has informed our unique perspective of the arts and how people with a diverse range of impairments create amazing works of art.

We’re pretty much fantastic at what we do, but we need other people to see what we’re getting up to and appreciate it, get involved with it and have fun doing so. And that’s why we’ve started this blog.

So, what would you like to see more of? Let us know in the box below. (We’re only asking for your email so that we can get in touch if your comments need a response)

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